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Did you know ... there are between 100-180 people sleeping on the streets in London each night?

Despite the significant efforts of the City of London Homeless Prevention Team, increased Covid-funding, and massive shifts in sheltering services in quick time and in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, there remains a population (100-180) who remain homeless or inadequately sheltered as the winter months approach. With established sheltering services and other organizations across the city expanding services through hotel spaces and various other initiatives such as resting spaces, staffing and service provision is stretched as we anticipate the second-wave peak of covid-19 and the cold months. The Community has been eager to contribute to a winter solution and in mid/late October the City encouraged community recommendations to emergency sheltering and winter survival for the folks who are in highest need.

The Covid WISH coalition is committed to continuing to plan and implement a solution in line with these recommendations and reflecting the values identified within the defined discussion and recommendation paper. The solution is not simple to implement but it is possible if we come together as a community to implement it. Our community needs a solution to exist, one that challenges the status quo and provides opportunities for new ways of addressing these entrenched issues to be resolved as we envision a recovery from COVID-19 for everyone. It is our hope that this endeavor can be a model that can be replicated and that it leads to systemic and improved outcomes for those it hopes to serve.